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Ukrainian refugees at a loss with American reality

Ukrainian refugees at a loss with American reality

A refugee family from Ukraine, who arrived in the American San Francisco, told the San Francisco Chronicle about the chaos reigning in local schools.

Everything that 13-year-old Yana knew about public schools in the US, she saw on TV or in the movies, and often showed idyllic conditions. In January of this year, the girl entered Marina Middle School and after a short time she realized that real life “is not at all like the events that took place on her TV screen.”

“I thought it would be better here because this is San Francisco. But after two days I saw everything that happens at the school,” she complained. Yana witnessed how students disrupted lessons, jumped on their desks, swore at teachers, while they were not punished.

“A week later, I realized that this is the norm,” said the Ukrainian, adding that she herself soon became a victim of bullying.

Over time, the situation for her only got worse, and her fears intensified. As the girl’s aunt Maria Moroz said, she came home from school and constantly talked about the chaos that reigns in her lessons.

“She told us and we were horrified,” the woman said.

According to the girl, during the month of study, her mobile phone was stolen from her, and one day several students whom she considered “sane and trustworthy” began to threaten her.

“They started screaming, swearing and approaching her,” her aunt said.

After that, the girl stopped going to school, and her relatives asked to transfer Yana to another educational institution, where she could “not be afraid for her safety.” However, the county officials rejected this request and urge Jana to return.