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UN accuses Eritrea of crimes against humanity

UN accuses Eritrea of crimes against humanity

Crimes against humanity are the subject of investigation process undertaken by Commission of Inquiry (COI). UN investigators accuse a government of Eritrea of multiple crimes committing against humanity since 1991, a year in which Eritrea got its independence. In fact, 25 years ago up to 400,000 people were “enslaved”, the UN said on 8 June.

The UN Commission of Inquiry has enough data now to accuse the Eritrea’s leader of different crimes, most of all linked to humanity. Since 1991 the government allowed imprisonment, enforced disappearance, rape, murder, as well as tortures. The COI was established in June 2014, since then an agency has interviewed more than 800 Eritrean exiles.

Among the other problems in Eritrea, there is the forced labour of military conscripts. According to UN COI, it could lead to enslaving from 300,000 to 400,000 people. Chief UN investigator Mike Smith gave this data to journalists in Geneva on Wednesday. During the period of its independence, Eritrea was closed country, their population couldn’t flee from it. Those 5,000 Eritreans who decided to leave the country, risked their lives, because the governmental forces just shoot to death everyone, who tried to cross the border.

UN COI had enough evidence of crimes against the humanity in Eritrea, but its government has repeatedly denied UN investigators access to the country.