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UN: North Korea should reopen borders for humanitarian aid

UN: North Korea should reopen borders for humanitarian aid

Until Nortth Korea keeps its border closed, the humanitarian workers an aid aren’t able to enter the country, said the United Nations on Tuesday.

The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) urges Kim Jong Un to reopen borders for giving the opportunity to help the people amid the pandemic. Until Pyongyang keeps its COVID-19 border restrictions, the humanitarian aid or medical workers aren’t able to bring some relief into the country.

In its statement, UNHRC condemns North Korean human rights abuses, and many states members from the EU and US have rejoined the UNHRC’s resolution earlier this year after withdrawing under the Trump office.

North Korea should allow international staff to enter and leave the country more freely in order to resume much-needed humanitarian projects. Last summer, the country faced several typhoons and floods.

Despite all efforts of the international fora, North Korea’s foreign ministry denounced the UN resolution last week as a “sinister political plot aimed at tarnishing the dignity and image of the DPRK.”