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UN Secretary-General Guterres seeks $900 mln for Somalia

UN Secretary-General Guterres seeks $900 mln for Somalia

UN Secretary-General Guterres urged to help Somalia to fight the drought and crisis, the African country needs international support for its reconstruction and stabilisation. So far, Somalia needs $900 million.

Mr Guteres gave a speech in London conference, explaining that an international support is able to prevent a slide back into anarchy. The climatic and social crisis made the situation unbearable for the local population, so UN chief called for another $900 million for the drought-stricken country.

“Here in London we can tip the scales from danger to safety,”

said Guterres and added that Somalia now hangs in the balance between peril and potential.

Theresa May, Mulatu Teshome, Boris Johnson

On Thursday, Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed confirmed that the robust economic program could help the country to recover from the war and chaos, in which people live over two decades.

“The insecurity situation cannot be changed without addressing its root causes, which is abject poverty and mass unemployment. Too many of our young generation are sitting idle, creating fertile ground for terrorists to recruit from,” 

stressed Somalian leader in London conference that was co-chaired by Theresa May, Mohamed, and UN Secretary-General. This one-day conference aimed at the improving security, governance and the economy in the African country, rebuilding the Somali National Army, and counter-terrorism.