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UN to boost humanitarian support to Somalia

UN to boost humanitarian support to Somalia

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia said that the international body plans to boost its humanitarian support to the poor African country in 2021, AllAfrica has learned.

In Somalia, over five million people are in need of humanitarian aid because of the toughest times in history. The so-called “triple shock” of climate change, conflict, and the COVID-19 pandemic worsens humanitarian needs this year.

In Somalia, the floods and locust infestation, armed conflict, and insecurity amid the COVID-19 pandemic make daily life sometimes unbearable. “The factors that went into the triple shock have not gone away… we will need to step up efforts in reaching the most vulnerable people,” UN official Abdelmoula said.

He added that the desert locust infestation has affected almost 700,000 people and close to 300,000 hectares of land across Somalia. “We have so far provided support to about 25,900 farming households and sprayed over 110,000 hectares of land with biopesticides,” Abdelmoula explains the scale of problem.

Taking into account the current crisis, the UN is going to boost humanitarian aid to the African nation. The international body able to buttress the Somalian health machinery with testing labs, specialized isolation centres, the training of over 5,000 frontline medical professionals, and the distribution of PPE sets.