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Underwater parking garage for bicycles helps wildlife

Underwater parking garage for bicycles helps wildlife

Amsterdam’s authorities welcomed an unordinary bicycle parking garage that is designed to provide a relaxing environment for both people and aquatic life, Springwise has learned.

The Netherlands are known as the bicycle nation  where there are more bikes than people. However, bicycle parking remains a problem for the capital city. One of the newest will be located underwater, providing a haven for aquatic life and cyclists.

VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism offered the new idea on where to park the hundreds of bicycles. The new parking garage will be part of a semi-floating structure that was designed to protect the quay behind Amsterdam Central Station.

From the very entrance, cyclists are guided downwards in a flowing movement that encourages calmness and relaxation. Spacious stairwells with large glass surfaces provide a view of the parking facility from the street.

According to VenhoevenCS architects, the underwater structure becomes a connection between the design language and the existing environment. The innovative parking looks sparkling and smart, but is also sustainable, future-proof and easy to maintain. In other words, the underwater parking has all the chances to become the new sightseeing in Amsterdam.