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US alarmed by Biden’s relapse

US alarmed by Biden’s relapse

A second positive test of President Joe Biden for coronavirus will seriously complicate the White House’s plans to maintain the leadership of the Democrats after the fall elections and spoil the already shaky approval rating of the head of state.

“A new positive test will undermine all of Biden’s efforts to get back on track and continue campaigning for his program and the Democrats. But the latter will have a difficult struggle to maintain control of both houses of Congress in the midterm elections,” experts say.

Against the backdrop of a low rating for Biden, after a series of foreign trips, it is vital to travel around the country, but repeated isolation pushes the entire program.

During the first isolation, Biden did his best to show that he was in great shape and nothing would stop him from continuing his activities as president. However, a second positive test will not turn the disease into a positive story for voters.

On the eve of Biden again received a positive test for coronavirus. And although, according to the doctor, he has no symptoms and he feels pretty well, the president is forced to go back into strict isolation.

Biden was diagnosed with coronavirus last week, and the diagnosis was announced on July 21. The White House emphasized that thanks to the vaccination, the president suffered the disease easily and continued to work while in quarantine.