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US allows international banks to transfer aid money to Afghanistan

US allows international banks to transfer aid money to Afghanistan

The US Treasury made a decision to allow money transactions related to humanitarian operations in war-torn Afghanistan. Among permitted operations are clearing, settlement and transfers.

Afghanistan’s government has started year of 2022 with substantial financial aid. Since February, the international banks can transfer money to the Middle Eastern country for humanitarian purposes and aid groups. Thus, teachers and healthcare workers at state-run institutions could receive payment without fear of breaching sanctions on the Taliban.

Commenting its decision on Wednesday, the US Treasury said that banks can process transactions related to humanitarian operations. The financial body noted as well it also outlined permitted transactions involving the Taliban, which includes the also blacklisted Haqqani Network.

These include signing deals to provide aid directly to the Afghanis, general aid coordination, import administration, sharing of office space and others.

“Payments of taxes, fees, or import duties to, or the purchase or receipt of permits, licenses, or public utility services from” the Taliban, Haqqani Network or any entity in which they own more than 50 percent is authorised for humanitarian operations, the Treasury said.

The US Treasury stressed that aid groups are allowed to ship cash to Afghanistan for humanitarian operations and can make direct payments to healthcare workers and teachers in public hospitals and schools, TRT World reports.