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US imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s First Lady Cilia Flores

US imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s First Lady Cilia Flores

The US treasury chief Steve Mnuchin said the Venezuelan “regime systematically plunders what remains of Venezuela’s wealth”, Guardian reports. Donald Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday made Nicolas Maduro furious. 

In his speech at the UNGA, the US President said that Nicolás Maduro could be easily toppled by a military coup as the US stepped up the financial pressure with fresh sanctions on Maduro’s inner circle. Venezuelan leader later thanked the US in a televised address “for surrounding him with dignity” and such an attention to his family. He also said: “Don’t mess with Cilia! Don’t mess with family! Don’t be cowards.”

According to Donald Trump, the US barred Americans from doing business with and will seize any financial assets in the US belonging to the first lady, Cilia Flores, Vice-President Delcy Rodríguez, the communications minister, Jorge Rodríguez, and defence minister, Vladimir Padrino.

“It’s a truly bad place in the world today.”

the US leader said about Venezuela and urged the nations gathered to join in calling for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.

In an official statement, Steven Mnuchin, the treasury secretary, said: “Treasury will continue to impose a financial toll on those responsible for Venezuela’s tragic decline, and the networks and frontmen they use to mask their illicit wealth.”