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US Moon Express approved to make 2017 lunar mission

US Moon Express approved to make 2017 lunar mission

It is the first time in the US history when the commercial space company Moon Express approved by the government to land on the moon. A robotic spacecraft will deliver the first commercial cargo to the Moon in 2017.

The US federal government intended to develop the space mission activity. That’s why it has approved the flights of the commercial company Moon Express, which is going to send a robotic spacecraft to the moon in 2017. This American startup will be the first NGO that got permission to land on the moon.

On Aug 3rd, the commercial structure Moon Express announced on getting the approval for 2017 lunar mission. It is a historical event: commercial companies never left the Earth’s orbit.

According to the outer space treaty, which went into effect in 1967, “non-governmental entities” need to receive “authorization and continuing supervision by the appropriate State Party to the Treaty”. US and China can do it for their commercial entities now.