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US Navy refuses to buy ship-based nuclear weapons

US Navy refuses to buy ship-based nuclear weapons

The US Navy has refused to buy ship-based nuclear weapons, despite the opinion of some Pentagon officials.

As Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday told Congress, it is theoretically possible to equip American ships and attack submarines with nuclear-tipped missiles, but that would be cumbersome. According to him, such a decision will distract from more important tasks.He emphasized that hypersonic missiles are the US Navy’s preferred deterrent.

Earlier it was reported that the decision of the administration of US President Joe Biden to decommission a new sea-launched cruise missile with a nuclear warhead caused a split in Congress, as Republicans oppose the move.

If Congress provides funding for the preservation of a nuclear cruise missile, it will deal a big blow to Biden supporters, who had high hopes for a restrained nuclear policy and moderate defense spending.