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US, North Korea ‘negotiating a location’ for second summit, Trump said

US, North Korea ‘negotiating a location’ for second summit, Trump said

Donald Trump revealed that the US and North Korea are negotiating a location for the next summit. As Guardian understood, both leaders would be discussing a trade deal with China among other important developments.

President Trump had a short meeting with the journalist on Sunday before boarding a helicopter for the retreat at Camp David, Maryland. The American leader promised to the press that US-Korean negotiations were running as smoothly as possible under current circumstances. “There’s no rockets. There’s no anything. We’re doing very well,” Trump assured.

Talking about the future of the US-NK relations, Donald Trump, said that with North Korea, the White House has a “very good dialogue,” however, he provided no examples. However, Trump revealed that he had “indirectly spoken” with Kim Jong Un.

The very first meeting in Singapore has set a tone for the future relations, said Trump. Both leaders have pledged to move towards denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. despite the desire to do that, none of the sides didn’t define specific any steps on how to do so. After Singapore summit, the experts noted that a pace of US-North Korean negotiations has slowed, with meetings and visits cancelled at short notice.

However, these days, Donald Trump is insisting that the White House will set up a meeting with Kim in the “not too distant future”, telling reporters last week that he had received a “great” letter from Mr Jong Un on the New Year’s eve.