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US Special Forces join Turkish troops in northern Syria

US Special Forces join Turkish troops in northern Syria

The US officials have authorized the new mission in the northern Syria this week. It dubbed “Operation Noble Lance,” now it is underway. Up to 40 US Special Operations Forces are accompanying troops of Turkish Army as they clear ISIS from the northern part of Syria.

Pentagon said on Friday that “US Special Operations Forces have been approved to accompany Turkish and vetted Syrian opposition forces as they continue to clear territory” from ISIS. These words of the Pentagon’s spokesman Marine Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway from the official statement, which describing the task of new US mission in Syria.

The new mission’s personnel authorized to conduct the same type of advising, assisting and training missions that the US had been providing to moderate opposition. Their military advice always was useful to the anti-ISIS Kurdish and the Syrian Democratic Forces as well.

In August, Turkish troops, tanks and Turkish-backed Syria opposition fighters crossed the Syrian-Turkish border. After the seizing Jarabulus from jihadists, the coalition forces pushing west and south to clear more the terror groups from its border. Actually, the coalition forces were backed these operations by the airstrikes. It’s worth to note that US American ground forces haven’t participated in this liberation activity in Syria.

According to the statement of Rankine-Galloway, since August the US has helped oversee an informal arrangement under which Turkish and PKK forces will operate on opposite sides of the Euphrates River.