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US state poised to legalise human composting amid demand for sustainable services

US state poised to legalise human composting amid demand for sustainable services

Washington state is on the verge of legalising the new way of the funeral, a human composting, Telegraph reported. That is another alternative death-care movement, in addition to early proposed funeral services like turning ashes into jewellery to hosting life “celebration” parties instead of dreary funeral services.

The US state Washington faces the boom in companies offering non-traditional services, one of the latest trends is human composting amid demand for sustainable services. If the state authorities legalise environmentally friendly after-death service, Washington is becoming the first in the US to allow humans to be turned into compost.

On Friday, Washington state representative put the final touches to a draft law which legalises two sustainable death care options – a chemical process of alkaline hydrolysis and a natural process of organic reduction.

The 68-year-old  Washington’s governor  Jay Inslee called that bill as his pro-environmental record as governor. Thanks to the legalising of the new ways of burial tradition, he proves that making tackling climate change is the first priority in office.

The adepts of the human composting bill say an environmentally friendly after-death service is badly needed with an ageing population and as an alternative to costly burial services. In the 21st century, the environmental realities are pressing people to develop alternatives to chemical embalming, carbon-generating cremation and the massive land use requirements of traditional cemeteries, say the proponents of the bill.