Today: Wednesday, 17 April 2024 year

US tornado death toll rises to 26

The death toll from a severe tornado in eight US states has risen to 26, CBS News reported.

“Tens of thousands of consumers were left without electricity,” the channel reports, citing its own calculations.

In addition, dozens of people were injured.
Earlier it was reported about 18 victims.

According to the PowerOutage monitoring service, about 140,000 consumers remain without electricity in Pennsylvania, about 82,000 in Ohio and more than 65,000 in Virginia.

On Saturday, ABC News reported that tornadoes were recorded in states such as Arkansas, Mississippi, Iowa, Tennessee, Illinois and Wisconsin. As noted by the US National Weather Service, more than 28 million people live in the zone, where as of Friday evening a tornado warning was in effect.

Last Friday, Little Rock, the administrative center and most populous city of Arkansas, was hit hard by the elements. Many houses were damaged or destroyed in it. Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared a state of emergency, saying authorities would spare no resources to rebuild the state. By her decree, the National Guard was involved in the fight against the consequences of the elements.