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Valfrejus avalanche: One dead and two missing in France

Valfrejus avalanche: One dead and two missing in France

Valfrejus avalanche in France had the sad consequences for a Dutch snowboarder and a skier who were killed on Tuesday, both were swept away in the French Alps. Rescuers said that two other people are missing after a series of avalanches.

Valfrejus tragedy on Tuesday caused with the heavy snowfall in recent days, which have increased a risk of avalanches higher, at 4 from 5. The snow mass made off-piste areas particularly treacherous, informed the French weather office on Tuesday but this message wasn’t heard by the group of three Dutch snowboarders.

Valfrejus avalanche

The avalanche took life of a Dutch snowboarder and a skier in their twenties, two more group members’ fate is still unknown, French rescuers were looking for their traces under the snow mass in Valfrejus, the mountain rescue services issued a statement, which says:

“Initial information suggests the three people did not have detection equipment,”

referring to the wearable systems or gadgets that allow locating skiers stuck beneath the surface in the emergency situations like an avalanche. On Wednesday morning, a helicopter and sniffer dogs were deployed, the rescue service is trying to find the two missing people.

Last month was extremely hard for the rescuers, several heavy avalanches were registered in the area near Valfrejus.