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Vegan skincare line replicates egg nutrients with plant analogues

Vegan skincare line replicates egg nutrients with plant analogues

Vegans warmly welcomed the appearance of the innovative skincare, a mixture of high-grade vegan ingredients replicates each vitamin, mineral and protein within the egg yolk, the egg white and the eggshell.

For vegans, the skincare sometimes is a problem due to the inability to use some cosmetics ingredients. Inspired by the long history of egg using in Asian cosmetics, young brand Superegg has presented as simple as elegant solutions named Yolk Duplex, White Duplex and Shell Duplex respectively.

Superegg launched by Erica Choi provides all of an egg’s nutrients with none of the associated environmental damage. In other words, it is optimal for vegans’ skincare.

The plant-based versions of eggs are named Yolk Duplex, White Duplex and Shell Duplex. Ingredients include chicory root extract, Vitamin E, soy protein and a wide range of amino acids and minerals, which are crucial for skin’s health.

SuperEgg cosmetics is biodegradable and 100% vegan

Each Superegg product is based on the idea that the potential within plants appears almost limitless. The vegan cosmetics comes in the duplexes, the company launch includes a moisturiser and foaming cleanser.

Two rejuvenating masks will shortly enter the market, with other products in development. As part of the brand’s eco-signature sustainability extends to its packaging, with the majority of materials biodegradable, and it is a member of 1% for the Planet.

Superegg’s website lists some of the thousands of harsh or toxic substances that Superegg products do not contain, and a Clean Library provides an illustrated guide and explanation to each component of vegan skincare series.