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Venezuela crisis caused strike actions and violence

Venezuela crisis caused strike actions and violence

The socioeconomic crisis in Venezuela is getting stronger, the authorities are unable to improve the situation in the country, which suffers from the poverty over the years.

A current crisis in Venezuela demonstrates the inability of the national leader Nicolás Maduro to cope with the challenges. Since Hugo Chávez’s death, the economic situation in Venezuela is getting worse year to year, the measures offered by the authoritarian government aren’t able to improve the lives of the ordinary citizens. As a result, they are starting riots and anti-governmental action across the country.

The daily routine for most of the residents of the big cities is similar:

“In the day, I’m in the march or the barricades. I come home, bathe and change and text my friends. It’s like a routine,”

explains her daily life the 24-year-old culinary student Alexandra Lovero who lives in Caracas.

The protesters pack plazas and streets of the cities, erecting barricades and throwing stones – in mornings and afternoons as usual. After the sun goes down, bars light up and people want to have some rest and drink the Scotch to get back on the barricades at 7 am. Nowadays, Venezuelans are protesting and continue to live at the same time, there are no words about revolution or something similar:

‘You protest in the morning, but that doesn’t mean you stop living,’

say the Caracas residents.