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Venezuela: Maduro calls for dialogue

Venezuela: Maduro calls for dialogue

Venezuelan President calls for a political dialogue while thousands of people celebrated Independence Day, TRTWorld reported. Nicolas Maduro insists opposition leader Juan Guaido should join the negotiation process.

Venezuela’s political crisis is still dividing the country, so, President Maduro attempts to unite it. Venezuela’s Independence Day became the perfect reason to call for dialogue. However, Juan Guaido, the opposition leader, continued to decry alleged human rights violations in the Latin American country.

On July 5th, speaking to a gathering of top military officials, President Maduro reiterated his support for a negotiation process mediated by Norway between his socialist government and Mr Guaido.

According to the Venezuelan President, there is enough space for all within Venezuela. Later, in his speech, Maduro called for military exercises on July 24 to defend “the South American country’s seas, rivers and borders.”

“We must all give up something in order to reach an agreement,” the legitimate President said.

This week, the UN human rights chief, former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, published a report detailing alleged extrajudicial executions, torture, enforced disappearances and other rights violations by Venezuelan security forces in recent years.

The systematic violation of human rights, the repression, the torture were clearly identified in the UN report, Guaido said. “There is no longer any valid euphemism to characterise this regime, other than dictatorship,” he told reporters earlier on Independence Day.

The Venezuelan government has called the report “selective” and said the UN sources lacked objectivity.