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Venezuela: Maduro warns US will be ‘stained with blood’ if Trump invades

Venezuela: Maduro warns US will be ‘stained with blood’ if Trump invades

Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro rejected European calls for elections and promises he will stain with blood if the White House invades his country, BBC reported.

Nicolas Maduro insists that the White House’s habit to base international politics on ultimatums will not work with Venezuela. “That’s the stuff of the empire, of colonial times,” Maduro added. Amid the powerful wave of protests, the national leader responded to the United States: “We don’t accept ultimatums from anyone. I refuse to call for elections now – there will be elections in 2024. We don’t care what Europe says.”

Meanwhile, the Venezuelans are protesting the second week in a row, people believe that Maduro had done nothing but “damage and destroy” Venezuela and the only message to him could be: “Be sensible and understand that you must go.”

Protests in Caracas continue to grow: against both Maduro and Guaido

Last Saturday, thousands of people take to the streets of Caracas for protests in support of both President Maduro and Mr Guaido. Venezuelans are tired from the totally messy life, their only desire to take some relief from the non-stop unpredictable situation, in which Venezuela lives over years.

Despite the millions of pieces of evidence, Maduro denied that his country was suffering from a humanitarian emergency and claimed no more than 800,000 people had fled. While EU Parliament has recognized Guaido as interim president, Russia, China and Turkey are among those who have publicly backed President Maduro.

The most recent critical change is President Maduro retains the support of the military, but ahead of the demonstrations, Juan Guaidó was given a boost after an air force general – Francisco Yanez – became the highest-ranking military official yet to pledge support for the opposition leader.

Asked if military action was possible, Donald Trump replied during his CBS Sunday interview: “Well I don’t want to say that. But certainly it’s something that’s on the – it’s an option.”