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Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido facing arrest upon return home

Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido facing arrest upon return home

Venezuelan crisis is deepening while Juan Guaido faces the risk of being arrested upon his returning to the country, CNN reported.

The Venezuelan opposition leader who spent several days touring the Latin America countries scheduled to return home on Monday. For a politician, the return could be rather risky because Juan Guaido faces arrest. There is a possibility that Guaido had broken the law and was “a Venezuelan who conspires with foreign governments to overthrow a constitutional government”, said Venezuela’s vice president, Delcy Rodriguez during an interview with Russian state-owned TV channel RT.

meanwhile, the White House has warned Mr Maduro of the consequences of arresting Mr Guaido and the Treasury imposed new sanctions targeting Venezuelan military officials on Friday. last week, Juan Guaido ignored a court-imposed travel ban and left the country to tour Latin American allies to boost support for his campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

Guaido’s return impose a risk for the Venezuelan opposition

The opposition leader’s return could become the next flashpoint in his battle with Mr Maduro as he seeks to encourage his international backers to further isolate the socialist government. Juan Guaido called for huge demonstrations to coincide with his planned return, which falls during the Carnival holiday period, an unusual time for protests.

“If the regime dares, of course, to kidnap us, it will be the last mistake they make,” Mr Guaido said during a broadcast on Twitter. He said they had prepared “the steps to follow” in case he was detained.

From Colombia, Guaido then travelled to Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay to shore up Latin American support for his transition government that would precede free and fair elections.

On Sunday, he departed by plane from the Ecuadorean coastal town of Salinas but has not appeared publicly since, beyond the Twitter broadcast. To arrive in Caracas by Monday morning, he could take commercial flights from Bogota or Panama City.

“He can’t just come and go. He will have to face justice, and justice prohibited him from leaving the country,” President Maduro told ABC News last week.