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Venezuelan leader says invaders ‘would not make it out alive’

Venezuelan leader says invaders ‘would not make it out alive’

Nicolas Maduro promised that imperialistic allies of the US, Colombia and Brazil, they should forget about invading Venezuela. Otherwise, their troops ‘would not make it out alive’, said Maduro.

The White House declared Venezuela part of a Latin America “troika of terror” and warning Maduro he will “have to go” but the Venezuelan leader responded symmetrically. On Monday, addressing thousands of armed members of state Bolivarian militia in Caracas, Nicolas Maduro declared himself a “warrior of peace” who hoped to bring happiness and prosperity to his crumbling nation.

Mr Maduro has warned his regional neighbours loyal to the US that their troops “will not make it out alive” if they dare make a step on Venezuela’s “sacred soil”. Right after a speech, Venezuelan leaders ordered his troops to be ready for crushing invaders led by the White House.

According to Maduro, the imperialist troops might seek to storm some corner of the country because Venezuela’s right to peace and sovereignty is beloved and sacred. Venezuelan people better die than allow to the invaders to step on the soil of their homeland.

“We will defend our homeland from imperialists and oligarchs and traitors … whether they are in Bogotá or Brasília,” he insisted, calling for the 1.6 million-member civilian force to be strengthened and “armed to the teeth” to make Venezuela “impregnable and untouchable”.

On Monday, president Maduro ordered his troops to prepare to protect Venezuela from aggressors. In particular, he urged militiamen to be ready:

“Are we ready to defend the homeland? Are we ready to pounce on and defeat the traitors and the oligarchs?” Maduro bellowed. Members of the militia hoisted their assault rifles into the air and shouted: “Sí!”