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Venezuelans march in support of President Maduro after UN report

Venezuelans march in support of President Maduro after UN report

Venezuelans showed unprecedented support to their legitimate president, Nicolas Maduro. Thousands of Caracas residents have marched to protest against a recently issued UN report on the state’s human rights situation, PressTV reported.

Venezuelan capital Caracas became the witness of the mass rally, held in support of Maduro’s ruling on Saturday. Thousands of Venezuelans have flocked to the streets to show their disagreement with the UN high commissioner of human rights report.

The UNHCHR annual report accused Nicolas Maduro’s security forces of extrajudicial executions, torture, enforced disappearances and other rights violations in recent years.

Presidential supporters in Caracas, holding banners and chanting slogans against UNHCHR Michelle Bachelet. Venezuelans tagged the report as biased and manipulated. According to the local experts, the UN commissioner had betrayed Latin American people by issuing such a pro-imperialist document.

UNHCHR had a meeting with Nicolas Maduro

Prior to releasing the controversial report on human rights in Venezuela, the UN official Michelle Bachelet met with legitimate President Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaido.

TheUN report said Maduro’s institutions have set in place a strategy “focused on neutralizing, repressing and criminalizing the political opposition and those who criticize the government” since 2016.

According to President, the UN official “presented a report plagued by false statements, misrepresentations and mishandling of data and sources.” He added that a document is full of lies.

The Venezuelan national leader also dismissed the UN document as “just another report” dictated by the US State Department, noting that it was drafted by enemies of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution. On Saturday, thousands of Venezuelans have supported their President by the mass rally against the UNHCHR’s attempts to destabilize the situation in the Latin American country.