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Venezuela’s Maduro announces power rationing amid outages

Venezuela’s Maduro announces power rationing amid outages

Nicolas Maduro’s government has elaborated a new plan on how to rationalize the consuming of electro energy amid the deepening crisis and the power cuts.

The Venezuelan president announced the 30-day plan to ration electricity, the recent power cuts made the life of millions of Venezuelans unbearable. Talking to the nation on Sunday, Mr Maduro said the pro-government groups should keep order as Venezuela grapples with the blackouts, which he has blamed on U.S.-led sabotage without offering clear evidence.

According to Maduro, Venezuelans are confronting Washington monsters who want to destroy the Latin American country. The electrical energy rationing would balance generation and transmission with consumption, with the aim of ensuring water supply. The new governmental plan has ignited protests, including one near the presidential palace in the capital city.

In his speech, President also appealed for calm, insisting that the crisis soon to be ended by joint efforts. But the ordinary citizens have already tired from the rivalry between Maduro and Guaido, which results in deepening the crisis, social and economic one. The regular blackouts now mark another point of tension in the oil-rich Venezuela paralyzed by turmoil, compounding a humanitarian crisis and deepening a prolonged standoff between two political parties vying for power.