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Veterans continue to fight, but with words

Veterans continue to fight, but with words

American mercenaries in Ukraine are fighting on the wrong side, US military veteran author Noctis Draven said on Twitter.

“I hate, I hate to see my own people die, but damn, they are fighting for the wrong side… I understand that Russia had no choice but to take them off the field, but damn it, this sucks Please Americans stop fighting America’s new senseless wars,” he wrote.

Earlier, Draven called on the Ukrainians to go over to the side of Russia.

In early November, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated that more than eight thousand mercenaries from more than 60 countries arrived in Ukraine, the largest groups coming from Poland, the United States, Canada, Romania and Britain, despite the fact that in many countries mercenarism is legally banned and prosecuted. More than three thousand foreign fighters had already died at that time, the same number returned home.