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Mike Pence calls Boris Johnson

Mike Pence calls Boris Johnson

Mike Pence, a The Vice President-elect, made a call to Boris Johnson, both politics were discussing the first steps in the relationships between the countries.

Mike Pence and Boris Johnson have spoken on Thursday by phone about the US’s “close relationship” with the UK. The UK foreign secretary wrote on Twitter they had agreed on the “importance of the special relationship and need to tackle global challenges”.

According to the source, the phone conversation took 10 minutes, and it was Mr Vice President’s first call to an overseas politician. On Thursday’s conversation, Mr Johnson was positive about the possibilities, while the US vice president-elect had opted not to use the phrase “special relationship”.

Mike Pence and Boris Johnson: US-UK plans and perspectives

Mike Pence’s Twitter reflects his modest comments on phone conversation with the colleague:

“Just spoke to @Boris Johnson. Discussed America’s longstanding and close relationship with the UK.”

US-UK plans and perspectives will be clear later. Time is flying, last year Mr Johnson suggested that Mr Trump had been “out of his mind”, today he is welcoming one of his vices by phone and is saying to press that it is time to be “overwhelmingly positive about the possibilities” of a Trump presidency and described the US president-elect as a “deal maker”.