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Vice-President Joe Biden has one big regret

Vice-President Joe Biden has one big regret

When it comes to the U.S. Presidential race, one this is clear: it doesn’t lack interesting candidates, a lot of them having an impressive background, both political and personal. Still, maybe the race would’ve been way more interesting if Joe Biden, the current Vice-President of the United States, would have taken part.

Joe Biden has one big regret

“I regret it every day,” the vice-president said during an interview on WVIT-TV on Wednesday. “I plan on staying deeply involved, and we’ve got two good candidates.”

In the same interview, Joe Biden praised the two Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, against whom he would have competed. “There’s real robust debate between Hillary and Bernie, as there would have been if I had gotten in the race,” he said. “It’s not a bunch of serendipity out there.”

The interesting fact is that during the interview, the third Democratic candidate, Martin O’Malley, wasn’t mentioned at all. Even though his campaign failed to impress, he was still one of the party’s candidates.

He’s not a fan of Republicans

As for the Republican candidates, Joe Biden has a totally different opinion. When asked about them, his tone drastically changed.

“I will not mention them, but I promise you, I have spoken to three of the presidential potential nominees on the Republican side who tell me ‘Joe it’s crazy, this is absolutely crazy’,” he said. “It’s not been a very illuminating campaign so far.”

Even though Joe Biden didn’t mention any actual candidate, he still wanted to criticize Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, but stopped mid-sentence.

All these mentions about the Presidential race and the candidates were made in an interview which was initially focused on President Barack Obama’s recent announcement about executive actions on gun control.

An unfortunate event influenced his decision

Before deciding if joining the race for the White House or not, Joe Biden spend a lot of times weighing the situation, alongside his family and political advisers. A very big impact on his decision had the death of his 46-year-old son, Beau, who was suffering from brain cancer.

Back in October, the Vice-President announced that he will stay out of the presidential race, acknowledging that we was at a disadvantage in terms of popular support and funding, compared to other candidates, who were campaigning for months, says BBC.

Finally, Joe Biden‘s only regret is that this was basically his last chance to achieve what he says it was his life’s goal, but, unfortunately, the circumstances, made it impossible.