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Victoria Beckham used a ‘sickly skinny’ model in her latest eyewear campaign

Victoria Beckham used a ‘sickly skinny’ model in her latest eyewear campaign

Victoria Beckham was proud to present her ‘VB Eyewear’ collection, but designer’s fans are outraged by using a ‘sickly skinny’ model in her latest eyewear campaign.

Vicky Beckham prefers to invite the tiny models for all her campaigns, this time the British designer chose the same type for her ‘VB Eyewear’. And while some fans praised VB’s latest sunglasses designs, others were more distracted by the model in the images, which show model Giedre Dukauskaite posing in glasses and baggy clothes. The girl looked really too slim, even underweight, that’s why the advert sparked a huge debate on Mrs Beckham’s page.

In fact, the 29-year-old model’s thin frame is so distracting that they didn’t notice the glasses.

The social media exploded with the harsh criticism, the users asked Victoria to be responsible and ‘use a healthy model’, parents of teenagers said that VB Eyewear advert image is exactly why their ‘already tiny daughter thinks she needs to eat less’.

Victoria’s fans were disappointed with the latest campaign, people believe that underweight skinny model is not the direction designer and mother-of-four should be moving in a current world mood. It is 2018, and people are trying to promote positive body image to young girls and women and empowerment.

Optical illusion could make model look thinner

Despite the wave of criticism, many fans defenced the 43-year-old Victoria Beckham, saying ‘the clothes and the lighting’ could have made the model looked slimmer than she actually was. Really, the natural silk blouse, baggy trousers and the light make the silhouette of the tall model even slimmer.

“I think the model is beautiful, she’s very tall which I think makes her look slimmer,”

Vicky’s fan said one in praise of the campaign.

Victoria Beckham is yet to comment on the recent criticism, in 2015, the designer said that her casting direction had liaised with the modelling agencies to ensure all the girls were healthy before the show.