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Virus outbreak grips China

Virus outbreak grips China

The Chinese population across the country is buying the protective face masks and hand sanitizer, according to Bloomberg News. The coronavirus caused the WHO to convene the emergency meeting on Wednesday.

The pharmacies in China are reporting on record volume in the selling of protective masks and hand sanitizers. The customers lining up and ready to waiting for a shipment of next butch of masks to arrive. They sold out in minutes, the pharmacists say. In many drug stores, there is a limit ‘One person One pack’.

While the new SARS-like virus outbreak grips China, the local pharmacists tell customers immediately upon entry: “Everything is gone.” However, Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao tried to stem the mask inflation on its marketplace, saying that it wouldn’t allow merchants to raise mask prices and that vendors had enough supplies.

Last week, the number of reported infections from the new coronavirus climbing to 440 across 13 of China’s provinces. On Tuesday, the WHO voiced strong concern the tally could rise, so it is time to coordinate the international response to the new SARS-like virus.

For the Chinese government, the virus becomes a new challenge due to hundreds of millions of locals are preparing to travel for the Lunar New Year holiday period. The annual festival starts on Friday, and the authorities said Wednesday it is starting a nationwide screening program and implementing controls at transportation links.