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Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu to meet in Sochi over Syria conflict

Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu to meet in Sochi over Syria conflict

Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin will have a meeting on Wednesday in Sochi. The future talks of the world leaders will focus on Syria. 

The leaders of Russia and Israel will meet again next Wednesday, it is not the first meeting between Putin and Netanyahu, they last met in March in Moscow, and already warned at that meeting that a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria would be unacceptable to Israel.

According to the statement of the Israeli prime minister’s office, Putin and Netanyahu will meet in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi to “discuss the latest developments in the region”.

Israel and Russia are going to avoid the confrontation in Syria

Under the aegis of the future Sochi talks, Israel and Russia will refresh the vision of the situation in Syria, especially avoid any confrontation between their air forces. Israel never dreamed of the taking part in the civil war, but it has carried out strikes to prevent arms deliveries to the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, which fights alongside Assad’s forces.

Over five years, Israel’s AF has carried out nearly 100 strikes on convoys carrying weapons to terrorists in Syria and not only there. Since 2015, when Russia sent its armed forces to Syria to bolster President Assad, Israeli PM went to Moscow and set up a deconfliction mechanism to ensure that there are not accidents between the two air forces.

The meeting of Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu in Sochi should develop a new mechanism of interaction of their countries in Syria. So far, Israel and Russia both have an interest in avoiding any accidental military confrontation.