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Vladimir Putin ‘thinks House of Cards is a factual programme’

Vladimir Putin ‘thinks House of Cards is a factual programme’

Vladimir Putin is one of the watchers of Netflix TV-series ‘House of Cards’, and the Russian President highly appreciated this political drama. Moreover, Mr Putin thinks this movie is ‘a factual programme’.

House of Cards’ season five is soon-to-be released, this drama about the top of the world politics looks like factual programme, noted Vladimir Putin. The hit US drama charting the Machiavellian scheming of a fictional president but very realistic details.

Vladimir Putin is so convinced by the twists and turns in House Of Cards that he has advised his defence chiefs to watch it – to get a better understanding of the real American political system.

Michael Dobbs (HoC’s executive producer) revealed that Russian and Chinese leaders Putin were just two of a number of world leaders hooked on the show, moreover, President Xi has personally shared his enthusiasm for it with him.

Speaking ahead of the release of the fifth series on Netflix on Tuesday, Michael Dobbs, the Tory peer whose 1989 novel inspired the series, said that clearly that presidents think it’s a documentary.

‘Apparently, President Putin told his new minister of defence to watch House Of Cards so that he can understand what goes on in America.’

house of cards factsHouse of Cards: Season 5, new characters, cast

House of Cards in its Season 5 will have several new characters, one of them plays Patricia Clarkson. The new series is the first since the election of Donald Trump. Previously, the drama showed the tense relationship between the US and Russia. In the upcoming season, Kremlin is likely to be transfixed by the new series as, topically, it examines the increasing chill in the superpowers’ relationship.

Michael Dobbs said the programme could act as a bridge-builder:

‘In a world where our political leaders seem to be increasingly at loggerheads, how important might it be over the coming years that on different sides of the planet and in different systems and in different societies the people can actually share something in common?’