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Vučić met with Ukrainian refugees in Serbia

Vučić met with Ukrainian refugees in Serbia

A meeting was held between the head of the republic, Alexander Vučić, with refugees from Ukraine temporarily housed in a camp on the territory of the Serbian city of Vran.

In particular, the politician spoke in Russian with Ukrainian children and teenagers, presented them with gifts and went to a football match.

The younger generation of Ukrainian citizens, answering the presidential question, clarified that they like being in the country. In continuation of this dialogue, Vučić promised to provide the forcedly arrived residents of Ukraine with the necessary medical care and help them find a job.

In addition, Ukrainian diplomat in Serbia Vladimir Tolkach addressed the audience in Macedonian, his speech was translated into Ukrainian. Vučić, in response to this, drew people’s attention to the contrast of the gathered Ukrainian citizens who arrived from different parts of the country. Someone speaks exclusively in Russian, someone in Ukrainian, and there is a category of people who have knowledge of both languages, the president specified.