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Vučić said cutting off gas from Russia would be a problem for Europe

Vučić said cutting off gas from Russia would be a problem for Europe

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he “was horrified” when gas supplies from Russia would stop, as this would be a problem for Europe.

“We are already looking with horror at what is happening in the energy sector. Imagine the worst scenario: Russia for some reason stops gas supplies – not to us, but to Europe. Either someone does not pay in rubles, or no longer wants. We cannot import Russian oil today, which is $31 a barrel cheaper than oil from Kirkuk.In the absence of gas, the price of electricity soars, there will not be enough electricity even in Switzerland, not to mention us here, and there will be nowhere to get it < …>, everyone will have problems,” he said.

The Serbian leader noted that the upcoming winter “will be extremely difficult” and called on neighboring countries to approach the solution of problems together. He noted that 197 million cubic meters are currently stored in Serbian gas storages.

As the Kremlin press service reported earlier, the Presidents of Russia and Serbia, Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vucic, during a telephone conversation, agreed on further uninterrupted supplies of Russian natural gas to Serbia.

In turn, Vucic said that during telephone conversations with Putin, he agreed on the main issues of the gas contract. According to him, the contract will be signed for three years, the gas price will be calculated 100% according to the oil formula, which means from $310 to $408 per 1,000 cubic meters. m of gas. According to Vucic, the price for 2.2 billion cubic meters. m of gas is the best price in Europe, the question remains of the price for additional volumes – 800 million cubic meters. m of gas.