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Wearable air purifier could replace ordinary face masks

Wearable air purifier could replace ordinary face masks

Amid pandemic, the innovations offer to have a look at the wearable alternatives for the ordinary face masks. The neck-wearable device “Respiray” has been independently tested at the University of Tartu and the University of Lodz, where it achieved over 99 per cent efficiency at eliminating viruses and bacteria.

For those who tired from wearing a face mask, Estonian research and development company Respiray offers a wearable smart solution. An air purifier that uses UV-C light to inactivate harmful airborne pathogens and disinfects air without covering a wearer’s face or restricting breathing. Looks funny, works well.

 “A person can breathe effortlessly, and other people see the facial expressions of the user,” Respiray Co-Founder and COO Robert Arus said.

The device operates on two principles — the thermodynamics of breathing and the disinfection effect of UV light, Springwise reported. in other words, the gadget is designed as a neck-wearable device, allowing air to enter from the bottom of the device and pass through the intake filter. The air is then ventilated out from the top of the device towards the person’s face.

The maximum provided airflow is 3 to 4 times more than an average person at rest breathes.