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Webb may re-enter presidential race

Webb may re-enter presidential race

Former presidential candidate Jim Webb is up for to discussion whether he will make another run at the White House during a speech in Dallas today, according to a local television station.

Reports getting to CBS 11 News is that Webb, who pulled out of the Democratic primary race in October, will declare his intentions during a speech the World Affairs Council this afternoon.

The group stated only that the former Virginia senator will share his “5 Most Important Principles for Foreign Policy.”

Webb boasted at an independent run when he dropped out of the primary, saying he could see himself beating Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in a three-way race.

“If we ran an independent race that worked and got traction, I honestly could see us beating both of them,” he said at the time.

Is Webb still democrat ?

Webb also stated that he felt like an anachronism in an increasingly progressive party, arguing Democrats had drifted away from “millions of dedicated, hard-working Americans.”

He was asked at his concession speech whether he was still a Democratic, he gave a shrouded answer saying “We will think about that.”

“Some people say I am a Republican who became a Democrat, but that I often sound like a Republican in a room full of Democrats or a Democrat in a room full of Republicans,” he added. “Actually, I take that as a compliment.”

Webb has a prolific profile, he served as secretary of the Navy in the Reagan administration and has a decorated military career.

His most remarkable moment on the campaign trail came at the first Democratic primary debate, when he was asked about the greatest enemy he had ever made.

“I’d have to say the enemy solider that threw their grenade that wounded me,” he said. “But he’s not around right now to talk to.”