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Wellness brand launches plastic-free hand sanitiser

Wellness brand launches plastic-free hand sanitiser

The hand sanitizers are on the rise amid the global virus pandemic, so, the New York-based sustainable personal care brand has presented its plastic-free bactericide elixir.

The 8-ounce reusable aluminium bottle and is made with 65 per cent alcohol, with no plastic at all, said the release issued by personal care brand, by Humankind.

New York-based brand is happy to launch its first alcohol-based, plastic-free hand sanitizer. In addition, with every purchase, $1 goes towards the Robin Hood Foundation’s relief fund to support New Yorkers affected by the novel virus outbreak.

The American brand is known for its refillable personal care products. Taking into account the current rising needs in hand sanitizers, the personal care brand decided to combine it with eco-friendly package. A by Humankind’s mission is to reduce single-use plastic waste in everyday products. Given the recent increased need and demand for hand sanitizers, the brand saw it as an essential product to add to their range.

The hand sanitizer comes in an 8-ounce reusable aluminium bottle and is made with 65 per cent alcohol (which is above the CDC’s recommendation for effectiveness). Hyaluronic acid keeps skin moisturized, and there are currently two variations available: grapefruit-scented or fragrance-free, for $20 (€18.29).

The brand also offers all-natural hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and body wash bars, plus biodegradable swabs, mouthwash and deodorant.

While many beauty firms have also launched their own versions of the hand sanitizer in response to the outbreak, many brands have considered the environmental toll of the packaging, Springwise reports.

As a matter of fact, single-use plastic packaging for everyday products accounted for 54 per cent of the world’s plastic waste in 2015, and whilst recycling is good, it is an underused solution — only 9 per cent of worldwide plastic waste actually gets recycled.