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What Are Reviewers Really Saying About the iPhone 6s?

Apple’s new iPhone 6s is fast garnering reviews as the best smartphone the company has made yet. With its many improved features and performance upgrades, the phone certainly goes beyond the changes you’d expect from this year’s smartphone evolution.

The highly anticipated model that had everyone lining up isn’t just for show. The iPhone 6s had people sleeping on streets (same as all other previous launches) so we’re viewing the next couple of days as “test period” as the users finally get the chance to test out their new iPhones in real life. Fortunately, the top review sites have already released their verdict on the product and we’re here to share with you their unprejudiced standpoint.

How Is the iPhone 6s Faring so Far in Reviews?

There are a couple of things worth swooning over with the iPhone 6s but there are also areas that could use some improvement, which is repeated in the various reviews we’ve read so far on the product.

An impressive teardown conducted by iFixit has already busted speculations on the RAM capacity of the 6s and 6s Plus, with both turning out to have 2GB LPDDR4 RAM. This is twice as much RAM and makes an appreciable difference with smoother and faster transitions when switching between tabs and applications compared to last year’s smartphone model. But Apple isn’t too keen on making this information public since Samsung’s S6 still wins the RAM war at a significantly more powerful 3GB one.


It still looks pretty much the same as the 2014 model, but it’s “finely balanced”, according to a review made on the product by TechRadar. The chassis is stronger and the camera is noticeably sharper. Plus, the innovative 3D Touch livens up the iOS and brings major new functionality to the gold standard of smartphones.

Admittedly, it’s a decent choice if you’re upgrading from their smaller 5s model and “has some tricks that no iPhone before it could pull off,” which is what DigitalTrends says about the 6s after testing its features.

Appearance-wise, it looks just like the iPhone 6 and you’ll have to take a good look to spot the difference in dimensions. A Forbes tech-gadget critic says that “the iPhone 6s might look a piece of beauty, but a naked iPhone 6s is still impractical for anything more than gentle use. Just like the iPhone 6, I’ll be investing in case not for protection, but for a higher grip level.”

Overall, the iPhone 6s is really what everyone expected it to be and has everyone wondering if it will take the lead as the top smartphone for 2015.

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