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What are the chances of seeing a Sanders vs. Trump final duel?

What are the chances of seeing a Sanders vs. Trump final duel?

It may have been fantasy at first, but now, considering the New Hampshire results, the possibility of seeing a presidential race between a businessman sustained by white supremacists and a self-proclaimed socialist cannot be neglected.

With South Carolina elections coming up, two candidates are eager to build on the results they’ve obtained in New Hampshire: Donald Trump, for the Republicans, and Bernie Sanders, for the Democrats. Polls did indicate the outcome, but nothing could have predicted the margin of Sanders’ victory.

A big Democratic surprise

22% percent had the Vermont Senator over Hillary Clinton, in an unimaginable difference between them two at the start of the presidential race. Or, to be frank, the former Secretary of State was expected to lead by such a big margin. But voters changed their mind. Why? Well, Sanders spoke his mind and was true about who he is and what he’s planning to do at the White House.

On the other hand, Clinton’s statements ensured Americans that she has multiple plans to make the country evolve, but in reality, she never spoke about them in details. And that’s exactly what people wanted to hear: how is the future President planning to change their lives for the good. When it comes to Republicans, Donald Trump spoke for the entire GOP “squad”. The mogul included finances, war, immigrants, Muslims in his statements and that’s what attracted the public. They knew exactly how Trump wants to “make America great again”.

Fiorina and Christie are out

If New Hampshire was great for Donald and Bernie, others suffered big blows and are on the virtue of suspending their campaigns. The presidential race will surely be without Carly Fiorina, the former head of Hewlett-Packard, who came in seventh in New Hampshire, says New York Times. Chris Christie talked with some allies and may follow Fiorina’s footsteps, claims the same source. John Kasich, on the other hand, is celebrating after he came second in Tuesday’s elections.

“I know we can’t just go through this like falling off a turnip truck and say everything is going to be positive. Because we’re going to have to respond to some of this stuff”, said Kasich to CNN on Wednesday, showing his warrior speech for an instance. Marco Rubio, on high alert after good results in Iowa, came only fifth in New Hampshire after a disappointing debate performance on Saturday.

Jeb Bush remains confident

“It’s on me and it’s not going to happen again”, said Rubio on Fox News. If you’re wondering if Jeb Bush is still in the presidential race, well, he surely thinks he is. Although his campaign seems dead and buried, Bush is setting his future program on defeating Trump, and nothing else. “I know that when you go against Donald Trump, he gets upset and starts tweeting, you know, a firestorm of insults. But to show my steadiness and to show his lack of steadiness is part of the process over the next 10 days”, said Bush on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC.

Republicans’ primary will be on Feb. 20 in South Carolina, while the Democratic primary is on Feb. 27. Probably South Carolina’s results will make clear if Trump vs. Sanders is indeed a possible duel in the presidential race, according to New York Times.