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What is next for Obama?

Two decades after his presidency of the United States, Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002., Many historians consider President Carter was one of the weakest presidents in history, yet at the same time he was declared the most successful former helmsman of the major power.

A few days ago, seriously ill Carter who is now 91 years oldwas officially thanked by Moscow, because in May after discussion with Vladimir Putin, the Russian embassy was handed a folder of the current position of the fighters of the Islamic state in Syria, composed by his presidential center.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has stated that Carter truly cares about the fate of Syrians and stands for unification efforts in the fight against terrorism, while the international media speculated that the gesture of the former president was an indication that America and Russia will cooperate in the war, although the Pentagon refuses to comment on such assumption. Carter has the longest post presidential life in US history, and some argue he has achieved the most brilliant career in foreign policy as a ‘presidential pensioner’.

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize at the beginning of his presidency because he has awakened the hope in a better future, while Carter successfully brokered peace actions, when it was not expected from him anymore. Both compete for the title of worst US president in Washington circles. Republican Senator John McCain recently stated that Obama is weaker “even than Jimmy Carter”, criticizing him for not daring to initiate the armed interventions. The former president replied to McCain that he would rather bear the title of a bad leader than a militant one.

What will Obama be like in another chapter, when he exits the White House in January 2017? Although he says that there is still time to think about those days and years, everything contributes to the assumption that his preparations for post presidential have career began three years ago, as soon as he won the second term.

The first competitor for the White House who has mobilized supporters across digital media intends to plan his ‘retirement days’ with the help of the highest technological achievements The New York Times” reveals. This idea apparently came up in 2012, when he saw the Spielberg’s new movie ‘Lincoln’ in the company of director Steven Spielberg and actor Daniel Day Lewis in the White House. The current commander of the armed forces of the United States was more interested in conversation with Spielberg on ‘high-tech aids’ which the director used to make his story more convincing, than in the filmed destiny of 16th US presidentcreditable for the abolition of slavery.

The story continued in February, at a private dinner at the White House when there were, among the thirteen invitees, Spielberg again and Jeffrey Katzenberg who is billionaire founder and director of DreamWorks animation. Obama intends, along with the classical library to be built in Chicago to create a digital archive, equipped with the highest technological achievements, which will need donations of about a billion dollars. If it works, it will be the first ever digital library.

Fresher news is that President Obama has, on his own initiative, made a long interview with one of the best contemporary American writers Marilyn Robinson, and some even speculate that when he leaves the White House, Obama will take away the spot from Oprah Winfrey, the famous TV star who regularly promotes writers and creates bestseller lists.

Robinson after their conversation described Obama as a deep thinking man with a beautiful mind andgreat interest and compassion for other people’s lives. She is not the only one who is looking forward to his memoirs. There, in his second chapter, he might try to answer why he did not fulfill the expectations and hopes that he awakened in the whole world once he became the president.