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WhatsApp can quote messages you want to respond to

WhatsApp can quote messages you want to respond to

WhatsApp offers a new feature, which can quote messages you want to reply to. Such a method would be extremely useful for group chats with friends or family. But there’s one tiny misunderstanding, regarding the access to this feature.

An improvement for messenger WhatsApp came out on Friday as an experimental feature for the Android app’s beta version (v.2.16.118). Surprisingly, but users with v. 2.16.6 were able to use a new feature, too on their both Android and iOS, Moreover, with no updating! By the way, there were no updates offered on iTunes or Google Play at all.

Moreover, the Facebook-owned application already began to use an improvement, so it’s quite possible for you to check your WhatsApp abilities, there’s a big chance that your Android’s already installed secret updates. To check, simply press on the message you want to respond to for a few seconds until the action bubble/bar pops up. Look at the icons of star, trash, copy and forward — next to them might be a new option, it looks like the arrow typically associated with reply.

Click an arrow icon, and the message you want to quote will show up right above your text box. Screenshots show how it can look like when new option works. If your Android doesn’t see the new option, just reinstall WhatsApp in next week, it may have appeared.