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Who is Mr Tsvetkov?

Who is Mr Tsvetkov?

Drug mafia and radical Islamists in the UK

The United Kingdom is well known for its hospitality: persecuted human rights activist, disgraced businessman, and politicians found asylum on the island at different times. Unfortunately, however, sometimes the clock-work mechanism which allows the accumulation of active members of society in the United Kingdom fails – and criminals are able to find their way in. Such personalities, as Dmitriy Tsvetkov, a citizen of the Russian Federation, Great Britain and the Republic of Cyprus, criminal financier, laundering the money of the Russian drug mafia and sponsor of the ISIS terrorists and al-Qaeda accused of committing crimes in several countries.

Dmitriy Tsvetkov was born in 1980 in Leningrad into a modest Jewish family. During his studies at the law faculty of St. Petersburg University, he was noticed by a notorious drug mafia boss Vladimir Krasavtchikov, and after finishing his studies during early 2000 the young lawyer begins to service Krasavtchikov’s business operations on smuggling into Russia large quantities of cocaine from Ecuador. Tsvetkov quickly gained the trust of the drug mafia bosses; Vladimir Krasavtchikov even trusted him with his personal business, for example, Tsvetkov helped Krasavtchikov to obtain a Bulgarian passport, in possession of which he was subsequently arrested by the Dutch authorities during a criminal gathering. Krasavtchikov was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but Tsvetkov had to flee Russia, grabbing the money of his former boss.

Immediately after moving to the UK, Tsvetkov began to live a millionaire, bought luxury real estate, luxury cars, and began moving around the world exclusively on a private jet. Yet he couldn’t leave his protégé’s business. Having continued to engage in drug trafficking services, he fell under the influence of Chechen partners of Krasavtchikov, who supervised drug shipments from Asia to Europe. Islamist organizations and terrorist groups operating in Russia, the Middle East, and Europe were funded from the proceeds of drug trafficking.

Journalists regularly mention connections of Chechen Islamists with Dmitry Tsvetkov – in particular, Tarkhan Batirashvili, who died several years ago, better known as Abu Umar al-Shishani, “the Insurgent Leader” of ISIS. A Chechen national born in Georgia, to whose head the US had attached a price tag of 5 million dollars, frequently visit Dubai; – it was there that Tsvetkov was seen in his company. Tsvetkov loved to visit the UAE and became so close with the Islamists, that despite himself being of Jewish descent, became a Muslim convert (Tsvetkov’s mother’s name is – Iyereyskay Tatiana Lazarevna). Using the patronage of Chechen criminals, Tsvetkov expanded his activities and began to engage in racketeering and extorting money from Russians, who have relocated to permanent residence in Europe and the UK.

Tsvetkov’s money laundering activities of the drug mafia and his contacts with the top leadership of ISIS and al-Qaeda did not remain unnoticed by the law enforcement agencies, an investigation was started and an application to Interpol for the extradition of Tsvetkov to Russia was being prepared, when his life took an unexpected turn.

In London, Dmitry Tsvetkov meets and soon marries Elsin Khairova, the daughter of a Russian politician, a deputy of the State Duma, a member of the State Duma Defense Committee Rinat Khairov, a former adviser to Russian Defense Minister Serdyukov. The wife of Dmitry Tsvetkov herself recently drew the attention of the British media: a year ago, newspapers wrote about Elsin Khairova, the owner of a mansion near London worth 22 million pounds, an apartment in London worth 10 million pounds, villas in Cyprus valued at 6,5 million euros and an apartment in Dubai at 6 million euros. The source of funds for the purchase of real estate was not clear.

Such an influential father-in-law automatically stops all investigations related to Tsvetkov in Russia. Using his new relative, he even tries to start doing business in his homeland. However, this attempt led to a new criminal case in Russia. It deals with embezzling 16 million dollars from the state-owned enterprise – Simonov Design Bureau.

In 2014 Heigr advisory LTD (Dmitriy Tsvetkov – director, owner – his wife Elsina Khairova) signed a contract with Simonov Design Bureau for 16 million dollars, but, having appropriated the money, did not provide the services. As a result, the head of the Simonov Design Bureau was arrested.

Additionally, Tsvetkov is the person involved in the case of theft of jewelry and cash in the amount of 25 million dollars, filed against him in 2017 by the criminal investigation department of the Limassol city police as a result of an appeal by the Cypriot law firm Harries Kyriakides LLC. The list of criminal cases featuring Tsvetkov runs long. Lawsuit against companies owner by him, including Monvert SA, Hegir advisory LTD, EK Group Limited UK are under review in England, Switzerland, and Cyprus.

Tsvetkov no longer feels safe in Great Britain. In Russia, after criminal proceedings started against him for embezzling funds of a government agency his father-in-law withdrew his support. And in London, there are strong rumors suggesting his upcoming divorce. Against the background of this news, the Russian law enforcement authorities have stepped up the investigation into his old drug trafficking cases and financing activities of ISIS and al-Qaeda Islamists; currently, the issue of extraditing Tsvetkov via Interpol is on review.

Tsvetkov’s connections with the Russian drugs mafia and Islamic terrorists may bring him under criminal prosecution in the UK.