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WHO recommended not drinking alcohol on March 8th.

WHO recommended not drinking alcohol on March 8th.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends against drinking alcohol during International Women’s Day on March 8 due to the risk of developing breast cancer, the organization’s European office said in a statement.

International Women’s Day is celebrated on Friday, March 8th.

“Many people… will celebrate March 8, International Women’s Day, by raising a glass of alcoholic beverage, oblivious to the fact that alcohol consumption is a major risk factor for the most common cancer among women, breast cancer,” the document said.

The WHO believes that low awareness of this link between alcohol and breast cancer represents a major barrier to preventing the disease and a health concern for women.

“According to a recent study, only 21% of women in 14 European countries were aware of the link between alcohol consumption and the risk of developing breast cancer. Awareness was even lower among men – only 10% of men surveyed knew about this link,” the statement adds.

The organization explains that in the case of breast cancer, alcohol consumption affects estrogen levels, which play an important role in the development and progression of many types of breast cancer. Alcohol’s effect on the levels of these hormones may partly explain the increased risk.

“Breast cancer is a major health problem for women in the WHO European Region, with more than 600 000 cases reported in 2022. The role of alcohol as a preventable risk factor for breast cancer is critical. For women in Europe, breast cancer is a major alcohol-related cancer, accounting for 66% of all alcohol-related cancers,” the document highlights.