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Why January 31st was a crucial day for Ted Cruz

Why January 31st was a crucial day for Ted Cruz

Sunday was Ted Cruz’s last chance to make a good impression before the Iowa caucuses, maybe the most important moment in his campaign until date. And although it was probably the most important day of his career so far, Cruz surrounded himself with a reality TV star and a former Fox News host that stole a little of the Texas senator’s spotlight, says The Daily Beast.

Sunday was a crucial day for all candidates, in their last attempt to grab some attention and some votes, but for Ted Cruz is was also kind of weird. It wasn’t a surprise that his last rally in Iowa had some religious themes and topics, but his company on stage was, to say the least, strange.

Why such guests, Mr. Cruz?

Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty star who has some controversial opinions when it comes to gay sex and Glenn Beck, who was replaced by Fox News because he claimed that President Obama was a racist. Cruz took Beck’s defense on Sunday and said that he was replaced by Fox News because he foresaw the rise of ISIS, according to the same source.

On stage, Ted Cruz suggested that if he loses in Iowa, then Donald Trump has a clean shot at the GOP nomination. And if a personal opinion is allowed, with such company, Cruz should be more concerned about what happens if he wins the Republican seat and will be the GOP’s nominee. Will he still have a chance against the Democratic one if people see him as an anti-gay or anti-black candidate?

Now that’s what we call an old-fashioned opinion…

“When a fellow like me looks at the landscape and sees the depravity, the perversion—redefining marriage and telling us that marriage is not between a man and a woman? Come on, Iowa! It is nonsense. It is evil. It’s wicked. It’s sinful”, said Phil Robertson, quoted by The Daily Beast.

Ted Cruz considers that individual states should be able to decide whether or not to recognize same-sex unions. Still, this association with Robertson can’t be too good for Cruz, as many people, including Republicans, can feel that this is Cruz’s position on gay rights. And if you think that was the end of Robertson’s show, then you’re wrong.

“You get the spiritual part of America fixed and then, the guys who make the decisions, the political decisions, they’ll at least be godly and God will be on their side. Cruz trusts God. Cruz trusts James Madison. That’s why I trust Cruz”, said the Duck Dynasty, according to the same source. Robertson also couldn’t help himself, comparing Donald Trump with Donald Duck.

The debate was supposed to be about Ted Cruz, right?

On the other hand, Glenn Beck was even more surprising. He talked more about Washington than Cruz, and when he talked about the GOP nominee, he didn’t praise him, as you’d expected. “I would ask, that you would stand not for Ted, but stand for the principles that he embodies”, Beck said at some point, cited by The Daily Beast.

Yes, Sunday was a critical day for Ted Cruz’s career. But with his guests taking almost all the spotlight, it was far from being one of his best days. This might sound rough, but he pretty much blew it. When you’re in a tight spot in such an important race, you can’t afford mistakes. And Cruz did invite two on stage.