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Will There Be A Democratic Dream Team?

Will There Be A Democratic Dream Team?

Right now the statistics keep showing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders either right behind or swamping Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Speculation is running amok regarding whether Clinton will drop out due to controversy over her her emails, Benghazi, or her husband’s sexual transgressions. This brings to mind recent suggestions that Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden team up with Sanders as his vice presidential partner.

Most folks want Senator Elizabeth Warren who has been lambasting the big banks, Wall St., and the Federal Reserve. Biden hasn’t been as aggressive as he’s a career Democrat and knows going after the Fed would be like cutting his own throat. This agenda is pushing Sanders even higher in the polls as Americans are borderline ready to revolt unless accountability regarding corporate welfare, Wall St. corruption, and Federal Reserve secrecy. As soon as the statistics revealed these issues, confronted by Sanders are responsible for his meteoric rise in the polls, Hillary Clinton has now jumped in spouting an interest in taking on Wall St.. The problem is no one believes Hillary. They see by factual documentation that she’s been financially supported by those same entities that she’s promising to rein in. It’s highly unlikely Clinton is going to take on the big banks and Wall St. as the Democratic Party, just like the Republican Party, owe their existence to these entities.

Recently, Senator Rand Paul pressed for Sanders and Warren to support his legislation to audit the Fed. That announcement reinvigorated the call for Warren to run for Vice President along side Sanders. The noose is tightening around the Federal Reserve and the banking and investment industries and the public is loving it. Sanders and Warren would be the ultimate Democratic ‘Dream Team’, or a Sanders/Biden ticket or Biden/Sanders ticket or even a Biden/Warren ticket would be difficult to beat given the polling data. The Republicans are in sheer terror that Senator Warren will jump into the game and get the nomination and possibly Vice President. She would be the ultimate nightmare in the House to the Republicans and they know it, even if they have the majority numbers.

If Warren teams up with Sanders, the math alone says the Democrats will win. She and Sanders would have half if not more of the White vote, 90% of the minority votes, and well over 70% of the female votes. The Republicans wouldn’t stand a chance and they’re shaking in their shorts that the Democrats will pull this card. They can’t attack Warren like they do Hillary Clinton or Warren would let loose a salvo against the GOP that would make their lives miserable.

As the Republicans battle it out with one another during their televised debates, the spectre of a Democratic Dream Team of two of the three, Sanders, Warren, Biden, will be the biggest challenge in the history of the GOP. Should Sanders and Warren run and win the White House, the sheer magnitude of of the ramifications toward the foundation of GOP control and its association with the financial industry alone.

Do you think Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden should team up?

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