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Wind energy: FERC to hold carbon pricing discussion

Wind energy: FERC to hold carbon pricing discussion

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has announced its decision to hold the special conference in September. An issue of green energy becomes vital for more and more nations, taking into account global warming. As Reve reported, carbon pricing could be a powerful and cost-effective tool to drive down CO2 emissions and achieve state policy goals.

On Wednesday, FERC seized a timely opportunity to facilitate a conversation on how competitive power markets can cost-effectively achieve carbon emissions reduction goals, says the Carbon Price Coalition. It unites a diverse group of power generators, trade associations and think-tank experts that in April called on FERC to explore the issue.

FERC’s decision to hold a Technical Conference in September comes at a pivotal moment for the industry and the future of wholesale power markets, as stakeholders seek to reconcile markets and state policies related to reducing carbon emissions.

To comment on the upcoming conference, the Coalition issued the following statement Wednesday:

“Carbon pricing in organized markets could be a powerful and cost-effective tool to drive down emissions and achieve state policy goals while preserving the benefits of competition. There is overwhelming support for a FERC-led conference on carbon pricing from all corners, including state regulators. We applaud Chairman Chatterjee’s leadership and the support of his fellow commissioners in kick-starting this important discussion exploring the practical and technical implementation issues related to how organized markets can facilitate state policy goals through carbon pricing.”

The Coalition, which provided additional statements in an April press release, includes a dozen firms working globally for the safe and energy effective future:

  • Advanced Energy Economy,
  • the American Council on Renewable Energy,
  • the American Wind Energy Association,
  • Brookfield Renewable,
  • Calpine Corporation,
  • Competitive Power Ventures,
  • the Electric Power Supply Association,
  • PJM Power Providers Group,
  • the Independent Power Producers of New York,
  • the Natural Gas Supply Association,
  • LS Power,
  • the R Street Institute and Vistra Energy.