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Wireless hack can unlock 100 million Volkswagens

Wireless hack can unlock 100 million Volkswagens

The IT-specialists say that innovative wireless hack can unlock 100 million Volkswagens, the Usenix security conference in Austin this week provided such an information. Too smart autos aren’t the best option in terms of security, indeed. The police reports say the same.

A researcher team from the University of Birmingham and the German engineering firm Kasper & Oswald intend to reveal two distinct vulnerabilities in Volkswagen cars. The IT specialists say that new wireless hack is able to unlock 100 million Volkswagens, and it’s a big problem.

The hackers can distantly affect the keyless entry systems of an estimated nearly 100 million cars produced by Volkswagen. The thief can wirelessly unlock practically every automobile made in Volkswagen plants since 1996 around the world.

According to the researchers, new technology of wireless hacking using old radio hardware to intercept signals from a victim’s key fob. After getting the signal, thieves employ those signals to clone the key. The police reports demonstrate plenty of evidence, so, a security issue will be an actual one always.