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Woman Stabbed At Art Basel Miami Beach By Another With X-Acto Knife

A fight escalated at Art Basel Miami Beach transforming the Miami Beach Convention Center into a crime scene Friday night. A woman was stabbed by another after a fight among them.

The isolated incident occurred at around 5:20 p.m. in a corridor near an art installation “The Swamp of Sagittarius” and the victim was immediately, at around 5:30, taken to Jackson Memorial hospital. Some of the patrons present there thought it was a performance or a performance act. The attendance included Kylie Jenner and Katie Holmes. They too didn’t had any idea of what was happening.

Miami Beach Police Department said the injuries are non-life threatening.

Det. Kathleen Prieto, spokeswoman of Miami Beach police, said a woman stabbed another in the neck and arms with X-Acto knife.

It is reported both the women were not exhibitors. They were patrons like others.

The four-day fair at the Art Basel to wrap up on Sunday and following Paris attacks of last month security in the area has been beefed up.