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Wooden blocks teach coding through tactile, off-screen play

Wooden blocks teach coding through tactile, off-screen play

Nowadays, there are many projects that help children learn through play include a moving paper robot and a 3D printer for kids to design their own toys. However, the Swiss company QUBS AG has recently introduced a really original toy — a coding kit called Cody. Those wooden blocks teach coding via off-screen play.

Cody consists of a two-piece magnetic car that moves around a city of sixteen wooden blocks, the kit helps children to understand the main concepts and logic of computer coding through off-screen, tactile play.

For Swiss company QUBS AG, Cody becomes its first toy, Springwise reports. To understand the principle of coding, the attached City Guide book provides instructions and guides players through a variety of exercises. Frankly, every piece of the kit is meant to be fun for children of any age, regardless of their interest in coding.

It is hard to underestimate the importance of coding nowadays. For modern kids, to learn its principles is a must, and the better approach to do that is off-screen play. Cody’s each city block in the set is embedded with a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that provides Cody with an instruction, and when put together, the city blocks create a sequence of instructions.

The beechwood blocks are easy to pick up and move around, and Cody drives in a straight line until instructed by a particular block. While working through an exercise, children learn about debugging as well.

Wooden block and cars teach how to code in proper way

Multiple cars can be used at the same time, and kits can be combined to create metropolises. Having recently surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal, the company is now in pre-production of the kits, with plans to ship to early supporters by the end of 2020.

In fact, recent World Economic Forum research found that the number of newly created jobs will rise to 27 per cent of all jobs by 2022. Coding becomes the inevitable part of the working environment, so, teaching children how to use the technological building blocks of the future of work and life. Thus, the proper skills change is the only constant, adaptability and flexibility are important traits to develop, for both individuals and businesses.