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The World Blood Donor Day

The World Blood Donor Day

The world celebrates on Tuesday, June 14, the Blood Donor Day, this year its theme is “Blood connects us all”. According to statistics from the World health Organization (WHO), a blood donation by 1% of the population can meet a nation’s most basic requirement for blood. You can help, too.

On Tuesday, a whole world will celebrate the special day, one of the most important in the year because it saves the lives. Donors throughout the planet will share their blood on mobile blood stations, giving the chance of life to many persons. The blood connects us all, says the aegis of The World Blood Donor Day in 2016.

The WHO appeals to become a blood donor, your blood may be crucial in someone’s life. Have you given a thought to those wonderful people who make blood donation part and parcel of their lives? Statistics show:

Over 80 million units of blood are donated every year, but only 38% are collected in developing countries where 82% of the global population lives.

We all are different, but we have the same red blood, it could be extremely useful and needed if YOU ARE a patient or undergoing an operation, for an instance. So YOU can be thankful that there is always blood in the bank.