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WP predicts a sad future for NATO in Ukraine

WP predicts a sad future for NATO in Ukraine

David Ignatius writes that the strategy of the North Atlantic Alliance may fail due to delays in the supply of weapons to Kyiv and the political fatigue of Western countries from Ukraine.

“The Pentagon, according to the Ukrainians, provided only a part of what it promised,” the message says.

“The number of complaints from the public in the United States will steadily increase as gasoline prices remain high, natural gas reserves in Europe are depleted, and voters may wonder why money is not being spent on domestic needs,” says David Ignatius.

Ignatius believes that the unreasonable provocation of Russia by members of the alliance could lead to a nuclear escalation.

In particular, he criticized Lithuania’s recent decision to block the transit of goods to Kaliningrad.

“This move could provoke a counterattack by Moscow, NATO should avoid direct confrontation with Russia,” says David Ignatius.